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Air Hockey Table For Home

The red home air pucks are perfect for home hockey table games where a small number of pucks are needed for each game. The new and novel air hockey table camera system provides real-time tracking of your pucks as they move across the ice. The table also features a built-in griddle that willing players can cook their food on, or use as a place to set up their goaltender.

Air Hockey Table For Home Amazon

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Air Hockey Table For Home Ebay

This air hockey table is perfect for the home. It is 2. 5 inches in size and will fit both table and individual players. It has black paint and is made of plastic. It is easy to clean and is perfect for teams who want to play in the home. looking for a quality air hockey table that you can use in your home or in a game table? look no further than our air hockey table for home. This table is perfect for those who want a simple game table that they can use. With just 10 pack of 8 puck, you'll be able to get your air hockey table you need. this air hockey table is great for the home. It is replacement for 2. 5 pucks and comes in 4 packs. this air hockey table for home game is a great way to get your game on! The slider has a comfortable handle and is made of soft felt, making it easy to move around. The table is also easy to clean, apart from the dirt and dust that often particles in the air.