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Portable Toilet For Home Use

This Portable Toilet is top-of-the-heap for outdoor activities! It is 18 in, wide, 16 in. Long, and imparts a non-electric waterless Toilet that is able to handle even the most fussy of users, no more waiting in line at the store! This Toilet is with you at all times.

Portable Toilet For Home Use Walmart

This Portable Toilet is sensational for home use, offering an 10-inch waterless Toilet that is facile to take with you, the Toilet also grants a gray color that will fit in with any home. This cute Portable Toilet is dandy for home use! You can Use it to potty train your children, Use it to potty clean up when you're not home, or just have a little place to go when you are, it extends two handles, so it's basic to take with you wherever you go. Yet keeps you toilette clean and healthy, this Toilet also features a durable cover that will last long in your home or travel space. The Toilet also includes comfortable batting treatments that keep you comfortable while you bathe, this Toilet is facile to set up and is puissant for daily Use in the home or small bathroom.